Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Lensmaster That Will Be Missed

I just learned in the Squidu forum that eBay grandma (Pam) has recently passed away. The post talking about it is here. She was a valuable member of Squidoo and a friend to many here online.

It is never good news to hear about the death of a friend. Reading the forum thread got me thinking though. We know that it is responsible to have a will. But what happens with your online businesses, your passwords, your online friends and so on when you pass on?

If you have an online business or make money somehow online, it is important to keep a document of what your businesses are, what the login URL's are, and what your login/password info is for these sites. Otherwise, what is your family to do with what you have built online?

Wouldn't you want your spouse to be able to carry on or possibly sell what you have built?

I did some quick research for resources for helping one prepare for their untimely departure and here are some Web sites that look to be useful: - YouDeparted allows you to securely store all the details of your life, estate, and living will in an electronic safe deposit box. - What happens to your email when you die?
What Happens To Your Blogs When You Die
What Happens To My Web Site When I Die?


MiMi said...

Pamela will be missed. I hope her family will have access to her online world. Very useful information on preparedness. Going to Twitter this link.

ohme said...

Definitely something we all need to think about. Thanks for links.