Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Plexo Bots

If your lenses are like mine, they have been flooded with spam on the link plexos lately. It has wasted hours of my time going through and deleting the garbage posted on many of my lenses.

Squidoo wants us to report the plexo spam. It took me a while to finally do this because I didn't believe that reporting it would help because they should have already known about the problem. Hopefully my reporting the spam will help the Squidoo staff to find the culprits and find a way to block these vermin from littering our lenses with their garbage links.

SquidooKimberly said in the forums on March 2nd that "We've tracked down the problem and are working on a solution for it. Keep in mind for the future that you can set your Plexos up like guestbooks, where comments must first be moderated by you in order to display."

Well, its only one day later but the spam is still there. Hopefully this problem will be resolved soon.

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