Sunday, May 18, 2008

Using Amazon Spotlight To Promote Star Wars Books

For my first post about lenses I want to talk about how great Amazon Spotlight modules are. Amazon Spotlight modules promote one particular product instead of up to five like the traditional Amazon Module. You can see how I use these modules at my Star Wars Books lens.

In my opinion, the Amazon Spotlight is the best choice if you are highlighting 1 item, or in this case several that are all on the same topic. I did not use the traditional Amazon Module because the individual books would have been clustered in groups of 5 and I believe that they look better and are more detailed with the spotlight.

I also took advantage of using the Amazon ratings and the list price which can be selected when editing the module under the display options.

1 comment:

Victoria Neely said...

I agree. Amazon Spotlight looks so much cleaner and more attractive than a list of products all lumped together. It's probably my favorite money-making module.