Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Using Squidoo To Promote A Charitable Event

My wife came to me to ask my help in regards to lens building. A friend of hers from work has a son named Ausin who recently passed away from neuroblastoma. This June, they are throwing their third annual cancer crushing carnival to help raise funds for neurblastoma research.

The carnival is small, mostly friends and neighbors. It was always fun for both kids and grown ups alike, and most importantly, they have raised a decent amount of money at every carnival.

This year, they wanted a website, but did not have any funding for building one in their budget. This is where Squidoo comes in.

Thanks to Squidoo, we build a free site to help promote the carnival, give directions, and to get a head count.

Being a lensmaster is really a blessing, not only can we help supplement our incomes, we can also help others. Keep your mind open to ways that you too may be able to help with a charity or a fund raiser.

To learn more about Austin's fund raising carnival, visit Cancer Crushing Carnival

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